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1. Bath of the Months

2. The Lighthouse


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Just a Roman village?
Thyna, Tunisia

It is now named Thyna, but its original Roman name was Thaenae. The site is really just a place to visit if you happen to be in nearby Sfax, Tunisia's second largest city.
The area is not impressive, although quite a few houses have their walls unusually intact. But I personally found nothing spectacular or beautiful. All in all, Thyna appears not to have been a large town.
The main structure here is the Bath of the Months, which details can be seen on the next page.

Thyna, Tunisia

Hotels and alternatives
Nothing. Stay the night in Sfax (8 km).

Restaurants and alternatives
As above.

Change Money
As above.

You will have to get a taxi in Sfax, but make sure that you're driver knows where to go. Look out for a large, yet difficult to spot, sign indicating the turn off for Thyna.

Thyna, Tunisia

Some idiot in the local council has put up a sign indicating a photo prohibition here, so remember to bring your camera and enough film or memory cards!!! There are no guards around.

By Tore Kjeilen