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Freezing hill-top village
Thala, Tunisia

Thala, Tunisia

While Thala is not worth a detour in itself, it still is a nice village to stop by while travelling in this part of Tunisia, like while you're on your way to the impressive ruins of Haidra.
Thala lies in on the slopes of a hill, at an altitude of about 1,000 metres. Even in summer, you will notice evidence of hard winters. The tree-covered hills to the east are weird and beautiful.
Thala has preserved a lot of its colonial houses, and many of them are in good conditions. This despite the fact that Thala was the scene of one of the least attractive sides of colonization: A rebellion against the French in 1906, which was crowned with the hanging of the leaders.

Thala, Tunisia

Thala has one simple but good hotel. There are a number of basic restaurants around town. This makes it the most convenient stop before heading off to Haidra (30 km) and Jugurtha's Table.
Thala is likewise a good transportation hub, with the option between buses or shared taxis.
We have no reports of banks, but with Kasserine (Cillium) 50 km south as the nearest larger town, there should most likely be at least one.

By Tore Kjeilen