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1. Walking up to the white mosque


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Village on the barren mountains
Tamezret, Tunisia

Photo: imarigorta.

Tamezret, Tunisia

Tamezret is about the first village to deviate from the troglodyte dwellings in this region. The village, which lies on an hilltop receives few visitors, since most tourist buses stop at the tourist cafe down in the valley. From here nice pictures can be made, but the stop is really just a way of directing the money of tourists into friend's pockets.
There, should you be in the position of deciding to make a walk in the streets here, you will have them almost all to yourself. And it is a nice place. Similar villages of Tunisia are usually abandoned and left to crumble. Tamezret is still alive, and the houses well-attended to.
Tamezret, Tunisia

By Tore Kjeilen