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1. The waterfall of the desert

2. The smooth gorge

3. Old village of the three marabouts

4. The last waterfall


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Oasis to your own
Tamerza, Tunisia

Tamerza, Tunisia

Tamerza is the largest mountain oasis of Tunisia. The mountain oases lie in the mountains north of the salt lakes, and receives water from springs in the barren mountain. Spectacular effects between dead and living nature makes the area a gem for visitors.
Tamerza has two waterfalls, gorges an oasis and an old town, now abandoned. It also has one of the most tasteful hotels in the country. Of course it is on the travel companies map!
The modern town of Tamerza is not very impressive, although it contains some honest attempts of recreating the old architecture in a new setting.
Still, Tamerza should really be the base for exploring one of Tunisia's most dramatic areas. Both Mides and Chebika are more attractive, if you ask me.

Tamerza, Tunisia

By Tore Kjeilen