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Sidi Khelifa

Sidi Khelifa

1. Forum and temples

2. Baths

3. Houses

4. Temple of Baal


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Unexpected Roman ruins
Sidi Khelifa, Tunisia

Near Sidi Khelifa lies the ruins of the Roman town Pheradi Maius, which is surprisingly interesting to visit. It has a big triumphal arch, a really fine Forum area, fine baths and a the remains of a temple to Baal.
Sidi Khelifa village may be worth a stop, too. It is an attempt to build a modern village using traditional techniques. There is a multidomed zawiyya here and a well with water of excellent quality.

Sidi Khelifa, Tunisia

No nearby hotels or restaurants. Sidi Khelifa has a selection of grocery stores and some basic cafes.
There are quite irregular connections to the village, and you are better off if you arrange for something from either Enfidha or Zaghouan, and make a tour of Takrouna, Jeradou, Sidi Khelifa, Zriba and perhaps even Oudna.

By Tore Kjeilen