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Village of Berber caves
Sened Jebel, Tunisia

Sened Jebel, Tunisia

Sened Jebel, Tunisia

Sened Jebel is clearly off the beaten track, mainly because the track leading out here makes most visitors and tour arrangers wonder if it is all worth the effort. I thought it was. Arriving here, you do get the feeling of stepping out of the world of the civilized Tunisia, and getting a glimpse back in time.
Sened Jebel has found a fertile spot between the mountains, an area where the drips from the surrounding mountains are enough to create a little basin of water. Quite beautiful, had it not been for the favourite activity of North Africa: littering.
The main attraction here are still the Berber caves, which have been well taken care of, and hence attracts a number of Tunisian visitors. From a distance it looks like 20 or more holes in the mountain side. They are equipped with doors, and on the inside there are rooms large enough to have housed families of the past.
The rest of the village has plenty of white zawiyyas, commemorating so-called holy men. Considering the form, it should be no wonder which quality often was emphasized with the men and their tombs.

Sened Jebel, Tunisia

There are absolutely no amenities in Sened Jebel. The closest food store is in Sened (along the highway) and the nearest hotel is in Gafsa.
Providing you're a fair driver, it is highly recommended to cross the mountain, taking in Jebel Biada with its great panorama and the village Sakket, which is interesting, although less attractive than Sened Jebel. It is easily completed within 1 to 2 hours.

By Tore Kjeilen