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Seldja Gorge

Seldja Gorge

1. First valley stop

2. Second valley stop

3. Inside the wagons


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Canyon and the old train

Seldja Gorge, Tunisia

Seldja Gorge is both easy and difficult to reach. There are no roads leading out here, but in return you get one of the most attractive train rides left in this part of the world. The old train of the former Tunisian bey (ruler) — once used as for country-wide travels as well as a demonstration of his power — has been restored, and do the 2 hour stretch between Metlaoui and Moulares every day except Monday.
The Seldja Gorge is the most memorable part of the trip, and you will pass through narrow canyons with mountain walls of up to 200 metres. The sights are grand, and even if the canyons here are smaller than the ones of Mides, the Seldja Gorge can be experienced them from the ground. If you have the chance, a 4X4-drive out here is best, since that will allow you to make more stops.

Seldja Gorge, Tunisia

Hotels and alternatives
Nothing. There is a good youth hostel in Redeyef (the end of the ordinary railway, 30 km) and an OK hotel in Metaloui (beginning of the railway to Seldja Gorge, 10 km). If you want something better spend your night in Gafsa (50 km)

Restaurants and alternatives
Nothing in Seldja Gorge, but both Redeyef and Metlaoui have basic restaurants. For anything special, you will have to make a try in Gafsa.

Change Money
Metlaoui has a few banks that will exchange foreign currencies and give cash on your VISA or MasterCard.

Coming out to Seldja Gorge is only done well with the train from Metlaoui (you could also leave from Redeyef). There is one departure a day with ordinary train (going to Redeyef), while there also is a tourist train, the Lézard Rouge, which does the return journey to Moulares most days of the week. Which weekdays has no service is changed quite often, my last info said that Mondays were without but I did it on a Monday in June 2005.
Getting to Metlaoui is easy, as there are plenty of buses and shared taxis doing the journey. There are also good train connections with coastal cities.

By Tore Kjeilen