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1. The grand Forum

2. Temple of Minerva

3. Temple of Jupiter

4. Temple of Juno

5. Antonine Gate

6. Baths

7. Underground bath?

8. Baptistry basins

9. Churches

10. Theatre

11. Shopping streets

12. Public fountains

13. House of Seasons

14. Water reservoir

15. Temple to unknown

16. Byzantine forts

17. Olive press

18. Arches of Diocletian and Septimus Severus

19. The Bridge

20. Amphitheatre

21. Museum


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Arches of Diocletian and Septimus Severus
Sbe´tla, Tunisia

Sbe´tla, Tunisia

What little is left of the Arch of Septimus Severus.

The Arch of Diocletian marked the southeastern entrance to the city, and was built late in the 3rd century CE. That makes it, interestingly, almost 150 years younger than the forum.
Beyond the arch, the road leading all the way to the ancient city near modern Sfax, leading through the olive tree plains.
Really little remains of the Arch of Septimus Severus. It may be suggested that its belongs to the poorer part of town, and may have been built of inferior quality compared to the Arch of Diocletian.

By Tore Kjeilen