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All included comfort
Sangho, Tunisia

Sangho is a designer tourist resort, where there would have been nothing if not for the hotels. Unfortunately, there is little beyond the facilities of each and every hotel. But if all you want is easy and comfortable access to beach and restaurants, and spend the days sunbathing, swimming and involving yourself in other sea sports, Sangho does the trick. If you want to get to know Tunisia, you will have to do some travelling, for instance to Jerba.

Sangho, Tunisia

Hotels and alternatives
Sangho has 3 hotel clubs, where you get everything inside the same fences. All clubs are quite expensive for independent travellers – they really aim at package tourists. The best place is Sultana Residence.

Restaurants and alternatives
Eat in your own club, or in one of the other ones, for a change.

OK. In the hotels, in season.

Change Money
In the hotel.

Get a small taxi and do the drive into Zarzis (9 km) to get normal connections to more remote destinations. You may also be able to track down connections to Jerba (20 km northwest).

By Tore Kjeilen