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Quickly changing
Sakket, Tunisia

Sakket, Tunisia

Sakket, Tunisia

Sakket is not on any tourist itenerary, but should you be near Gafsa it is easy to reach by surfaced road. Sakket is a traditional village of friendly inhabitants, usually saying yes if you ask permission to photograph them.
But things here are quickly changing, and the traditional feeling of the place is under threat from standard Tunisian brick houses. A few places, the old days shine through.
As with most other small villages, the shrines of holy men (and sometimes women) are all around. These are always easy to spot, white to the brown houses.
Sakket lies beneath the Jebel Biada, the White Mountain, providing a steady supply of water. The Jebel Biada is also easy to access, allowing great views in all directions.

There are absolutely no amenities in Sakket. The closest food store is in El-Guettar (along the highway) and the nearest hotel is in Gafsa.
Getting to Sakket is easiest if you first go to El-Guettar, then take the first surfaced road to the left (if coming from Gafsa). You may also connect to or from Sened Jebel, but the road can be difficult to find. Coming from Sakket, there is a track to the right just before the final climb to the Jebel Biada. Coming from Sened Jebel, follow the signs for Jebel Biada Gorge (a canyon which seems not exist in reality) for some 12 km, until you reach the surfaced road. Going down, leads you to Sakket.

By Tore Kjeilen