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1. The hutted camp

2. The micro-oasis

3. Forest in the desert


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The hutted camp
Remada is divided into two zones, the white centre and the hutted camp. The first is dominated by the military, while the second is the place where people live. It is not huts, but normal (boring) modern brick houses just like you will be able to find in the poorer outskirts of any Tunisian town.

Remada, Tunisia

There is one road leading down from town centre, and you will have the one-floor houses on your right hand. On your left hand, though, there will be tents, self-made huts and camels. Quite fascinating! One road divides the same people into two cultures, and in few years the tents could all be left for the apparent comfort of brick houses.

Remada, Tunisia

By Tore Kjeilen