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Port el-Kantaoui

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Port el-Kentaoui, Tunisia

The marina of Port el Kantaoui, which also is the centre of all activities, day and night.

It might hear repulsive to some: A town only built for tourism. But Port el Kantaoui is a highly successful "ghetto". It offers beautiful architecture, a great beach, reasonable shopping and plenty of OK restaurants.
I like this place, but it is definately best to enjoy the tranquility of Port el Kantaoui after you have seen the genuine Tunisia.
For a couple of days, Port el Kantaoui has enough to offer most travellers. The trips out on the ocean are fairly priced, and very nice and refreshing in the middle of summer.

Port el-Kentaoui, Tunisia

It is hard to find better in all of Tunisia.

From the bungalow/hotel area right behind the marina. Very delicate, but quite expensive unfortunately.

Hotels and alternatives
Port el Kantaoui aims at package tourists mainly from Europe. Hotels here are all of good to high standard, and prices are stiff for independent travellers.
There are no options for budget travellers, and these are recommended to spend their nights in Sousse 10 km south.

Restaurants and alternatives
OK restaurants, with a mix of Tunisian style, and European style food. Prices are high compared to the rest of Tunisia, but not bad compared to Europe.

Good, probably Port el Kantaoui is the best place to go out in the evenings in all of Tunisia. As there are many hotels around the marina, you can easily choose between a nice selection of discos and bars.

Change Money
No problems. All hotels will help you out, often without asking if you're a guest. All shops are ready to accept credit cards like VISA and MasterCard.

There are easy connections to Sousse by either small taxis (the trip will cost you about 3- 4 dinars) or idiotic noddy trains (2- 3 dinars). The latter takes long time, and drives through dull areas.
From Sousse, you can connect to virtually any other destination in Tunisia. You can choose between shared taxis, buses or the train.

Port el-Kentaoui, Tunisia

There is an option for all: mock pirate ships, slim catamaran sailing boats or submarine look-a-like boats with glass floor. You can get out on the sea in any fashion you like.

From the marina, you can select between several boats that will take you out on the ocean. If only ocean is OK with you, these trips are highly recommended. If you want to see the coast, don't expect too much.

By Tore Kjeilen