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Onk Jemal

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Camel's neck mountain
Onk Jemal, Tunisia

Onk Jemal is sold as a beauty spot in the desert, attracting hundreds of tourists every day who cross the desert in 4WDs to see the nature and perhaps the sunset here. For anyone who's been to the White Desert in Egypt, it will all seem like a bad joke. The mountain formation here is not worth the effort of crossing the desert! That simple!
The fata morgana here is a slightly better attraction, although you can get the same plenty of other places in this part of the country. The sunset here I have not seen, but judging from the surrounding nature there is little for the sunset colours to play with.

Fata morgana at Onk Jemal, Tunisia

Your tour arranger will provide you with what you need. Coffee, tea and soft drinks are sold at a handful of basic shops here and at another spot of unusual rock formations half way to Mos Espa. These also sell souvenirs, of which most are transported out here from Tozeur.
You can get out here by both 4WDs, quads (motorbikes with 4 wheels) or even a normal car. The latter, which I did, will involve crossing road sections which are covered with sand, and then you will need someone to push your car.
Onk Jemal is about 18 km from Nefta and 38 km from Tozeur, of which 25 km is rough piste. Mos Espa lies about 2 km away.

By Tore Kjeilen