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1. Ghurfas standing out

2. Mosque of Sidi Ahmed Ben Adjel


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Ghurfas standing out
It is a village, but so close to Medenine it has more of a hamlet feeling. Metameur, still strongly dominated by old customs: there are two "families" out here, the Temara, descendants of the local saint, Sidi Ahmad; and the Harraza, who are descendants of his followers.

Metameur, Tunisia

The difference in status between these two groups will only become evident to people staying here for longer time. What everyone will immediately discover is the ksar that stands out from the plain. This 600 year old structure, has as much as three courtyards squeezed into it, and some ghurfas, storage rooms for grains, used all over southern Tunisia.
Metemeur, Tunisia

By Tore Kjeilen