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1. Going down the troglodytes

2. Star Wars location

3. Interior of troglodytes

4. The landscape


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Interior of troglodytes

Matmata, Tunisia

Entrance to one of the rooms in the most authentic troglodyte hotel in Matmata.

It is quite possible to enter many of the houses. After you have walked down the dark passageway, you arrive in the courtyard – often strikingly white, and quite remote from any cave-feeling.
The decorations are about as simple and basic as you would expect, but always with a great understanding of artistry. Watch out for the vaulting of the ceilings, the round shelves cut directly into the walls, and the effective use of strong colours together with the chalked walls.
Matmata, Tunisia

Storage room for food and shelves cut directly into the walls.

Matmata, Tunisia

Original food containers, with olives lying to the left.

Matmata, Tunisia

Typical Matmata bedroom. With everything you need.

By Tore Kjeilen