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1. Around town

2. The black passage

3. Place du Caire

4. The great mosque

5. Town museum

6. Doors

7. Fish market

8. Borj el-Kebir

9. Punic ruins

10. The Fatimid port

11. Sailors' cemetary

12. Cap d'Afrique

13. Tourist's beach


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The great mosque

Mahdia, Tunisia

Exploring the Great Mosque of Mahdia is a strange experience. It feels so fake! Still it is supposed to be a rather correct reconstruction of its original 9th century layout and style. Its simplicity is actually mainly a result of the ideals of the Fatimids.
Among its more noteworthy elements are the monumental entrance, believed to have been inspired by Roman triumphal arches, of which there are numerous all over Tunisia. This gate was reserved for the Fatimid Mahdi, the ruler, his family and court.
The mosque may allow visitors, but it has been closed upon both my two visits to Mahdia.
Mahdia, Tunisia

By Tore Kjeilen