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Tunisians own escape
This little resort on the Cap Bon, sees many tourists in summer time, as the beach is as clean as it gets, but tehy are all Tunisians. And even if their preference of Maâmoura is that there are almost only Tunisians here, foreigners are most welcome.

Maamoura, Tunisia

Maamoura, Tunisia

The centre of Maâmoura is shaped like a T, where the junction is quite picturesque, and very laid-back. Out from the T, in eastern and southern directions, bungalows and one or two holiday centres are located. All of this is standarised, and not very charming. But for the traveller who wants to spend some days at a clean beach, without having too many tourists around him, Maâmoura is one of the better choices of Cap Bon.

Hotels and alternatives
The selection of hotels is more than limited, people rent or own small summer houses. But this is quite expensive, and anyone going for this will have to rent for some weeks at least.

Restaurants and alternatives
Very limited on restaurants. Many visitors to Ma‚moura stay and eat in nearby Nabeul.


Change Money
There are banks in town that will do the usual services of changing foreign currencies and give cash withdrawals on VISA and MasterCard.

Buses pass through Ma‚moura, but quite erratic. Taxis take a bit of time to fill up, but is the best choice in Ma‚moura.

By Tore Kjeilen