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Lalla Oasis

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River oasis

Lalla Oasis, Tunisia

Lalla Oasis is one of the many river oases in this part of the country. A large pool, which is not for bathing, clearly, makes the centre. It is so much of a local beauty spot that a cafe and rest areas have been put around it. Unfortunately, this is one more place in Tunisia, where the sheer thought that cleanliness adds to the beauty has not sunk in.
As it is today, Lalla Oasis should only be visited late in the afternoon, when the reduced light hides the garbage.

Lalla Oasis, Tunisia

Lalla Oasis, Tunisia

The river up from Lalla Oasis.

The village of Lalla has both cafes, small restaurants and food stores. For everything else, Gafsa is just 7 km away.
You can travel out here by local bus.

By Tore Kjeilen