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Ksar Ferich

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Flat field ksar
Ksar Ferich, Tunisia

Ksar Ferich is quite a surprise from the outside. Some few kilometres from Ghoumrassen, you suddenly discover this large and square ksar on a flat field. That is quite an unusual position, since most ksar are placed on mountain- or hilltops.
The interior, though, is a bit of a disappointment. There is little picturesque here, and actually the café/carpet shop is the only place you will easily find something to immortalize in the shape of a photo.
Ksar Ferich gets quite a bit of tourists, but that is mainly because of its easy accessibility.

Ksar Ferich, Tunisia

Hotels and alternatives
Nothing. Head for the hotel selection in Tataouine, just 8 km further ahead.

Restaurants and alternatives
There is a simple café inside the ksar (see first photo). But for any serious eating, do as above.

Change Money
As above.

To get out here, you will have to use the bus between Tataouine and Ghoumrassen, or arrange for your own transport.

By Tore Kjeilen