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Kbor Klib

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The mystical structure
Kbor Klib, Tunisia

Kbor Klib, Tunisia

Kbor Klib, Tunisia

Kbor Klib, Tunisia

Kbor Klib is one of Tunisia's mysteries, nobody knows for certain who built the structure and for which aim. Kbor Klib lies on the top of a hill with stunning views in mainly western direction. Coming from the west you can see it, but it is easy to take for a modern farm building. There is actually one of those right to the south, which looks almost the same.
Kbor Klib is made up of three solid square platforms connected by wall in the back. It is about 45 metres long and 15 metres wide, with a height of 6 metres. In front are the remains of what could be a fourth platform. There are no clear indications to the structure's purpose. Whatever was done here, it was most likely done outdoors, and done without the needs of storage facilities. If there were something inside, the entrance is since long gone.
Kbor Klib has few decorations, and no inscriptions. It could just as easily have been built by the Numidians as by the Romans.
A thing like Kbor Klib tickles ones imagination, and tour quality groups should as soon as possible put it on their itinerary.
The name comes from a mythical giant, named Klib. Kbor Klib means "Tomb of Klib". But most theories go in direction of historical events, either as a Numidian battlefield memorial for the Macedonian Wars in the 2nd century BCE, or as a Roman monument commemorating the Civil Wars (then erected by Caesar). The first seems most popular among researchers.
The original ceremonies assumed to have been performed at the spot, were of a religious nature, thanking the god's support in the wars.

In order to get out here, you cannot rely on public transport. This area has very few inhabitants. If you hire a taxi, this is best done from Siliana. Then, of course, you throw in a visit to Zama Minor (9 km off another road) and Ksour Toual, 1 km closer to Siliana. The whole trip would be something like 60 km and take about 4 hours. For a full day, include Elles and Zannfour, but with Maktar as the first stop, and Kbor Klib going back. Driving distance would be about 150 km.
Siliana has a hotel and restaurants, as well as good connections to the rest of Tunisia. A second place to start is from Le Kef, but that involves an extra 90 km of driving.

By Tore Kjeilen