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1. The famous great mosque

2. World's oldest minaret

3. Minaret details

4. Prayer hall

5. Mosque details

6. Gates and exterior

7. Cemetary of Ouled Farhane

8. Zaouia Sidi el Ghariani

9. Bi'r Barouta

10. Mosque of the three doors

11. City wall and gates

12. Zaouia of Sidi Sahab

13. Zaouia of Sidi Amor Abbada

14. Aghlabid pools

15. Around town

16. Shopping streets

17. At night


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Gates and exterior

Kairouan, Tunisia

Lalla Rihana Gate is one of the newest additions to the mosque, dating from 1294, built after Hafsid designs, with its arches and cupola. Further on are the eastern walls of the courtyard.

The outer walls and the gates to the mosque is not to be missed. The entire structure reflects the position of the mosque in the early Muslim conquest of North Africa, a time when no stable state had yet been established and the mosque had to double as a fortress.
Kairouan, Tunisia

From atop you really see that the first impression of the mosque as a fortress is not accidental. Leaning walls would have made it very easy to defend against aggressors.

By Tore Kjeilen