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1. The famous great mosque

2. World's oldest minaret

3. Minaret details

4. Prayer hall

5. Mosque details

6. Gates and exterior

7. Cemetary of Ouled Farhane

8. Zaouia Sidi el Ghariani

9. Bi'r Barouta

10. Mosque of the three doors

11. City wall and gates

12. Zaouia of Sidi Sahab

13. Zaouia of Sidi Amor Abbada

14. Aghlabid pools

15. Around town

16. Shopping streets

17. At night


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Minaret details

Kairouan, Tunisia

Kairouan, Tunisia

Kairouan, Tunisia

The minaret appears first as very simple, but a closer look will reveal some interesting details.
The two top photos show how it at first was built with bits and pieces from older structures. The decorations around the door do not even fit, intriguing.
The second photo shows one of two Roman bricks with inscriptions. The other brick is placed upside down.
Looking further up the minaret can usually only be done with your camera zoom or with binoculars. Most of the time it is closed for entry, but if you're lucky you may be able to climb its 128 steps to the top. Note here the Roman columns used as the only form of decoration.
Beginning from below, note how the window niches get larger the further you get to the top.
Kairouan, Tunisia

By Tore Kjeilen