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1. The famous great mosque

2. World's oldest minaret

3. Minaret details

4. Prayer hall

5. Mosque details

6. Gates and exterior

7. Cemetary of Ouled Farhane

8. Zaouia Sidi el Ghariani

9. Bi'r Barouta

10. Mosque of the three doors

11. City wall and gates

12. Zaouia of Sidi Sahab

13. Zaouia of Sidi Amor Abbada

14. Aghlabid pools

15. Around town

16. Shopping streets

17. At night


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World's oldest minaret
Kairouan, Tunisia

Kairouan, Tunisia

The first mosques erected in early Muslim time did not have minarets – the believers were called to prayer by the muezzin standing on the mosque roof.
But it is believed that with the expansion of Islam, the many churches with their towers paved the ground for adding towers to minarets as well. Most seem to agree that the lowest storey of the minaret in Kairouan are the remains of the first real minaret in the world, dating back to 730, more than 100 years after the death of the Prophet Muhammad.
It is quite impressive even today, but note how much thicker it is than more recent minarets. It is 31.5 metres high with a base of 10.7 metres square. It consists of 3 sections, where the first is 19 metres, the second 5 metres and the third 7.5 metres including the dome.

By Tore Kjeilen