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Perfect hill-top village
Jeradou, Tunisia

Jeradou, Tunisia

Jeradou, Tunisia

Jeradou is one of a few Berber villages in the Dorsale mountains, and quite attractive seen from certain angles. It rests on a pinnacle of the mountain and everything is attached to the one single road running through the village, and leading to the zawiyya shrine and mosque.
There are also some scant Roman ruins in a nearby olive field.
Sad to say, entering Jeradou does not involve many memorable experiences. Few of the original houses still stand, and instead standard modern houses are being built on every available square inch.
The good thing is, of course, that the hill-top village will survive into the future. Most other similar villages are being abandoned as fast as the locals can move into a "modern" house.
A few strange things with Jeradou;, there is almost nowhere where you can experience the grand views, all is occupied by the houses. Also the locals here are unusually unwelcoming, looking the other way when they see you.

We have no reports of nearby hotels or restaurants. Places like this usually have grocer's that will provide you with basic food and drinks.
There are quite irregular connections to the village, and you are better off if you arrange for something from either Enfidha or Zaghouan, and make a tour of Takrouna, Jeradou, Sidi Khelifa, Zriba and perhaps even Oudna.

Jeradou, Tunisia

Steps leading up to the core of the village.

By Tore Kjeilen