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Jebel Biada

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Making the ridge look small

Jebel Biada, Tunisia

Jebel Biada is not all that recommmended unless you do it as a part of visiting Sened Jebel and Sakket. The climb up here is nice, though, and the views from the top quite splendid.
While driving up the mountain route, you get the feeling that the mountains here are huge. As you get to the top, you will seen the flatlands on both sides of the range, making it all look so small.

Jebel Biada, Tunisia

Views towards the west.

Jebel Biada, Tunisia

Views towards the east, looking over the bowl where the inhabitants of Jebel Sened struggle for survival.

There are absolutely no amenities here. The closest food store is in El-Guettar (along the highway) and the nearest hotel is in Gafsa.
Getting here is either done en route from Sened Jebel or from Sakket. Coming from Sened Jebel try to follow the signs leading to the Gorge of Jebel Biada. The road is rather hard, but with careful driving no problem for normal cars. Once you get from the piste, take right on the surfaced road.
Coming from Sakket it is easy, just follow the surfaced road until you're there.

By Tore Kjeilen