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Hammam Lif

Hammam Lif

1. Sunset, and life begins


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Tunisians all through the night
I came out to Hammam Lif at 23.00 one evening when I had found out I wanted to stay on the beach the whole night. And I expected that at 23.00 streets would be more or less cleared up. To my great surprise, the mingling hours were still not over, snack stalls and cafés were open, and they showed no signs of closing. And there were just as many girls as boys, and women as men. But apart from going up and down the streets, or stopping in front of one of the stalls, little happened.

Mansion of Hammam Lif, Tunisia

David Suchet in the shooting of a Poirot movie in Hammam Lif, Tunisia

In summer of 2000, actor David Suchet on the porch during the shooting of one of the popular Poirot movies.

Hammam Lif has a small centre, very nice, with elegantly designed modern houses, and streets with palm trees. The centre runs into the esplanade, which extends for kilometres. The beach itself is designed into a sandy bay in front of town centre, where swimming is made too easy for grown ups, but makes monitoring kids easy for parents.
Chips seller in Hammam Lif, Tunisia

Chip made on the spot tastes great, but is a bit greasy, so ask for the small portion.

By Tore Kjeilen