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1. Mausoleums

2. Triumphal Arch

3. Basilica of Melleus

4. Capitol

5. Market

6. Underground baths

7. Byzantine fortress

8. Building with Troughs

9. Vandal chapel

10. Smashed theatre

11. Basilica of the Martyrs


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The huge border city
Ha´dra, Tunisia

The finest of Ha´dra's mausoleums.

Ha´dra, Tunisia

The Basilica of Melleus

Ha´dra, Tunisia

The Triumphal Arch.

Ha´dra is the modern name, Ammaedara was the original name for this great Roman city. It is one of the oldest Roman cities in Africa, located as a border city protecting the fertile valleys against the rebellious tribal lords of the Algerian and Tunisian mountains.
Despite its extent and riches, Ha´dra is largely unexcavated and free to roam in between cheering locals and grazing sheep.
What you find here is one of the largest Byzantine fortresses in Tunisia, a selection of fine buildings, a well-preserved Byzantine church and underground baths. And not to forget: The fascinating mausoleums in the shape of towers.

By Tore Kjeilen