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Fishing port of Tunis
La Goulette is an important part of the port system of Tunis, lying out on the coast. It is also a very important fishing port, and the place has gotten a reputation of having some of the best seafood restaurants in Tunisia. Considering what unknown small restaurants can do with fish in this country, La Goulette soon appears in your daydreams. The city itself is no more than a pattern of streets with very normal houses. Finding your way down to the centre is a bit difficult, and to your disappointment, the seafood restaurants are not on any esplanade, nor will you see any sea unless you go searching for it.

Goulette, Tunisia

Goulette, Tunisia

And the food? It's very good, but compared to your expectations it may be a slight disappointment, the extra injection you were dreaming of, the juicy, crispy fish that could have almost lifted you out of your body, removing that tickle, isn't there. And the setting in most restaurants seem a bit more basic than the bill you're presented with at the end. But there are many Tunisians in these restaurants, always a good sign.

Hotels and alternatives
One hotel, which is nothing special and a bit too expensive for its basic amenities. Spend you night in Tunis (10 km).

Restaurants and alternatives
Goulette has many restaurants, and is a very popular place for Tunisian to come out and eat fish. Most restaurants are just as expensive as what you find in Tunis, but overall the quality is excellent (even if many restaurants in Tunis can match it).

Nothing. Try Tunis instead.

Change Money
No reports of banks here. Do this in Tunis.

Goulette is the second stop after Tunis for the local train that goes along the coast up to La Marsa. Therefore it takes very little time to cover the 10 km between the two stations.

By Tore Kjeilen