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and Jelidat

Gettoufa and Jelidat

1. Stepping into Ksar Jelidat

2. Good defense


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Twin ksars
The first (most southern, and the first you come to from the neighbour ksar of Beni Blel) ksar of Gettoufa is the oldest. It is quite modest, far much so than the one of Beni Blel. None of the structures here stretch higher than two floors, and the courtyard is rather small as well.

Gettoufa, Tunisia

The ghurfas of Ksar Gettoufa has had a "modern" structure added to it, as if somebody once planned to bring the ghurfas into modern ages with increased comfort and use of more durable materials.

Gettoufa, Tunisia

The main attraction of Ksar Gettoufa is the cistern in the centre, which also has a wide and round platform which could be used for wasking of both foodstuffs and clothes.

By Tore Kjeilen