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Archipel de la Galite

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Islands of seals
Galite, Tunisia

Galite, Tunisia

Galite, Tunisia

Galite, Tunisia

65 km out from Tabarka, the archipelago of Galite lies. On the main island, 10 km², a small community of fishers is found. Crayfish come in great quantities, and something as surprising as seals are found on the island of Galiton. Around the main island you could also go searching for Punic tombs, Roman ruins and pirate caves. Bourgiba was exiled here in 1952.

Hotels and alternatives
Nothing. Locals will probably invite you in, if you should have to stay the night.

Restaurants and alternatives
Nothing. Do as above.

Change Money
Nothing. But you probably won't need any money out here anyway.

Getting out here isn't easy. First you have to get a permission, and if you're just a tourist, your request will be turned down.
If you should prove lucky, you will probably have to go out with the local divers' club (telephone (08) 64 44 78).

By Tore Kjeilen