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1. The Roman Pools

2. The Kasbah

3. Traditional quarters

4. The oasis

5. Jewish bath


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Hotels and alternatives
OK on hotels, all price ranges. Normally Gafsa is a town where you will never face any problems with finding hotel rooms. There is even a youth hostel for real budget travellers.

Restaurants and alternatives
Gafsa has several restaurants, some basic and others with menus. From my own personal experience, the quality was just so-so, and about the double of what you would pay in oases like Nefta and Tozeur! I did not tip at the restaurant where I was, and I did not feel the least cheap!

Little, except from the seedy bars. These are completely male-dominated, and the interior decoration resembles more a prison cell than a place to have fun.

Change Money
All necessary banks, as well as slightly unreliable ATMs (they do not always accept foreign VISA-cards or Mastercards).

All types of transport: Buses, shared taxis, car rentals, train and airplane. Gafsa is a major travelling hub, and getting here, as well as getting away, is no big problem.

By Tore Kjeilen