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1. The Roman Pools

2. The Kasbah

3. Traditional quarters

4. The oasis

5. Jewish bath


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Traditional quarters
Gafsa, Tunisia

Gafsa, Tunisia

The traditional quarters of Gafsa are suprisingly beautiful, and they are even inhabited. There are a couple of streets meandering off the Roman pools, and this area should not be missed. Clearly one of the finest of its kind in all of Tunisia!
A third attraction is the Dar Loungo, a residence of the 18th century. Like other rich man's houses in Tunisia, it is arranged around an inner courtyard, and there are several grand apartments to explore. From a roof terrace, you will be able to see large parts of the town of Gafsa.
Gafsa, Tunisia

Interior of the Dar Loungo, which is not really worth a visit, as everything of the decoration has been removed (September 2005).

By Tore Kjeilen