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1. The Roman Pools

2. The Kasbah

3. Traditional quarters

4. The oasis

5. Jewish bath


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The Roman Pools
Gafsa, Tunisia

Gafsa, Tunisia

Lower pool, with the Great Mosque in the background.

Gafsa, Tunisia

Upper pool. The distance between the pools is only 6-7 metres.

Your first stop on a tour of Gafsa will probably be the 5 metre deep Roman pools, which are surprisingly well preserved. The water comes from hot water springs, and offer some friendly 30ºC (85ºF). They were constructed for the use of normal people, and this still is the rule.
Tourists are charmed by the boys jumping into the water from a roof, diving for coins thrown into one of the pools. If you like to, you can jump in too!

By Tore Kjeilen