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Still on the tourist track
Al-Faouar, Tunisia

Al-Faouar, Tunisia

There is little for the casual visitor coming to Al Faouar. By the time you get here, you will already have passed through a string of far more interesting oases. But the hotel in town offers tailor-made experiences (see below) which you cannot fix on your own. Skiing in Sahara? No problem!

Hotels and alternatives
One rather expensive hotel in town, but in addition to its pricey rooms it does offer a cheaper option of sleeping in Bedouin tents. The hotel has a nice selection of amenities like a swimming pool and free rental of sand skis!

Restaurants and alternatives
Eat in the hotel. There are no other options in town. If you have your own car, you could go to Douz (20 km) for a wider selection of good restaurants.

If you're lucky, the hotel's bar might be attended by enough guests to create an ambience.

Change Money
The hotel could be helpful if you're stuck. Otherwise, the closest banks are found in Kebili (50 km) and Douz (50 km).

There are direct connections to Douz (passing Zaafrane). Apart from that, hitching is the best way of moving around in the region.

By Tore Kjeilen