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Takrouna / Practicalities /

A friendly, small spot
No tourists stop for long in Enfidha. The only real reason to pass by, and even make a small stop, is its proximity to Takrouna, the extraordinary rock village just some kilometres away.

Enfidha has no attractions, but is a nice little place, with no people that wish you any harm. Friendliness is true and honest, that is, until you mention Takrouna, for then somebody pops up in front of you immediately. At night Enfidha comes very much alive. The main street has a good collections of popular cafées, filled to the last seat. Here locals play cards, and drink coffee.
On the other side of the cafés, the local museum fills the old town church. This is not bad actually, and has a nice collection of mosaic epitaphs and tombstones, reminding you of the different periods of the Tunisian past; Berber, Carthagian, Roman and Christian.

Hotels and alternatives
There are no hotels in town. Spend your night in Sousse or Hammamet (both 40 km).

Restaurants and alternatives
Plenty of cheap restaurants and cafés in town centre, but nothing fancy.

Change Money
There are a handful of banks in town centre, that will exchange foreign currencies and give cash on your VISA or MasterCard.

Excellent connections in any possible direction, with either bus or shared taxis. Should you prefer the comfort of the train, the station is just a short walk from town centre.

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By Tore Kjeilen