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1. Inside the tombs

2. Remains of the capital


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Megalithic tombs
Elles, Tunisia

One of the most sophisticated tombs, no. 23.

Elles, Tunisia

Entrance into one of the tombs in the main field.

Elles puts in a vital piece of information into the understanding of Tunisian history. Here, more than any other place, is the Numidian history exhibited.
Before the arrival of the Romans, Tunisia was dominated by them together with the Carthaginians. Numidia was far less developed country compared to Carthage, yet these tombs from around the 2nd century BCE are deeply fascinating.
And the size of the stones used for roofing the tombs must weigh a couple of tons. Their cutting and the transportation indicates quite effective levels of development.

Elles, Tunisia

Some of these flat stones are up to 3 metres times 2 and up to 40 cm thick.

Eat and Sleep
Nothing of hotels or restaurants. Your best choice is Le Kef 55 km northwest. People who can tolerate any hotel standard, can spend the night in Maktar 35 km southeast.

You will be able to get to Vieux Sers by shared taxi from Maktar or from Le Kef. After that you have a problem, as there are few vehicles going out to Elles. The best will probably to rent a taxi for the return trip. Then you can also throw in Zannfour, 10 km away, a site that testifies that archaeologists will not be unemployed for a long time yet.
Should you drive your own vehicle, follow the unsignposted road forking out to the west of the main road at Vieux Sers, and drive on for about 10 km.

By Tore Kjeilen