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Largest in El-Oudiane

Degache, Tunisia

Degache belongs to a cluster of oases known as El Oudiane, renowned for their high quality dates. Degache resembles Tozeur, 11 km further west, but lacks its charm.
The modern Great Mosque is charming, while there is also a tiny whitewashed 9th century mosque covered with domes.

Hotels and alternatives
No hotels, but a very good camping ground, where you can choose between rooms or Bedouin tents.

Restaurants and alternatives
Eat at the camping ground.

If there are enough travellers, the camping ground ground can be lively. They stage shows of traditional music and dance, and serve beer.

Change Money
There are some banks in town that will exchange foreign currencies, and give cash on your VISA or MasterCard.

Buses and shared taxis pass through Degache, in direction of either Tozeur, Gafsa or Kebili.

By Tore Kjeilen