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1. The village

2. Cave houses

3. Mosque of Seven Sleepers

4. Resting by the mosque


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Mosque of Seven Sleepers

The Mosque of the Seven Sleepers is a strange place. Unusually long tombs dominate the graveyard near the mosque.
The legend goes that 7 Christians were imprisoned by the Romans at this spot, and locked away for 400 years. When they were let out, they had grown to heights of about 4 metres.
The 7 men could not find rest in death, before they had converted to Islam. After conversion, they died and were buried here in full length.
The mosque is quite fascinating by itself, and may be fully explored by non-Muslims. This is the spot where I made my very first minaret climb. It was leaning before I entered!
Chenini, Tunisia

By Tore Kjeilen