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1. Underground quarries

2. Numidian Altar & Roman Temple

3. Forum and Basilica

4. Theatre

5. Roman bridge

6. Baths

7. Aqueduct

8. Prison camps

9. Amphitheatre

10. Museum


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Numidian Altar & Roman Temple
Numidian altar, Chemtou, Tunisia

Numidian altar, Chemtou, Tunisia

It looks almost as if it was new, the Roman temple which was originally was a Numidian altar. Climbing up here you may expect something spectacular, and all you get is a solid platform made from perfectly cut stones.
Among the few things telling about function is the staircase and the vaulted storage chambers. I believe that the ceremonies here must have been performed under open sky.
But the views from here are great, although not of central Chemtou.

By Tore Kjeilen