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Bulla Regia

Bulla Regia

1. Underground palace

2. Humbler mansions

3. House of Amphitrite

4. Memmian baths

5. Toilets, fresh air and water

6. The theatre

7. The Forum


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Roman ruins hiding from the sun
Bulla Regia's most distinct features are the underground dwellings that the Romans used during the summer heat. Their houses were partly built under ground, and above. Bulla Regia also offer many mosaics still in their original place, which is far more impressive than finding them in the Bardo museum in Tunis. The site is about 400 times 500 metres, and there is a museum connected to it.

Bulla Regia, Tunisia

The underground dwellings are represented by three palaces at the northern end. Getting to the underground rooms, is only done in company with the official guide, who will expect a small reward. The underground houses, was arranged to let both air and light come down, even if they were 6 metres underground. The baths, the theatre, and the forum are also in a condition making them worth the visit to Bulla Regia.
Bulla Regia, Tunisia

By Tore Kjeilen