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Beni Zeltane

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Not climbing that hill anymore
Beni Zeltane, Tunisia

Beni Zeltane is slightly out of the track for most, and honestly it is quickly losing its claim to interest. It is a stone village climbing a mountain side. Houses are made from the stones of the mountain, and from a distance the old village becomes invisible.
Today, very few still live here, and conditions are bad. Houses have fallen in, stones have covered the streets making them unpassable.
A few (you may have to look around) places, the attractive shapes of the traditional village are still found.

Beni Zeltane, Tunisia

In recent times, the inhabitants of Beni Zeltane have abandoned their old ways in exchange of running water and electricity. They inhabit a whitewashed, standard village a few hundred metres deeper down into the valley.

Beni Zeltane, Tunisia

Hotels and alternatives
Nothing. Sleep in Gabes (40 km) or Toujane (15 km, but only with very basic hotels).

Restaurants and alternatives
Nothing. As above.

Change Money
Nothing. Do this in Gabes.

Very little, most pick-ups and shared taxis run between Nouvelle Matmata and Toujane, and can be full as they pass through Beni Zeltane.

By Tore Kjeilen