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Beni Blel

Beni Blel

1. Staircase to the second floor


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A tiny ghurfa village
Beni Blel, Tunisia

The only gate to the outside world. As you leave the gate, you're right in front of a modern mosque and a grocery store.

It's still inhabited. But there are no more wooden doors to protect the dwelling, just a carpet.

There once were numerous of these ghurfa villages, villages where people mainly didn't live, but where they kept their grain and other foodstuffs. The one at Beni Blel is worth the visit from different reasons. The interior is among the largest you will find in any ghurfa ksar, and large parts of it is still in good shape.
The structures are mainly rising to three or four floors, but the finish is quite simple. Beni Blel does not have the grandour like Ksar Ezzahra or Ksar Ouled Soltane, but represent a what was created within a smaller community than those two.
Even today, parts of the ksar is inhabited — by a family, some sheep and a dozen chickens.
About 500 metres further north, another two ksars are found, the two of Gettoufa. If you stand south of Beni Blel, the view is quite fascinating, as this might be the only place in Tunisia where you will see three ksars lying next to one another.

By Tore Kjeilen