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2. The Moorish quarters of Albaicín

3. Gardens of Generalife


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Granada has a good reputation on hotels, there are plenty and they are often of good value. And except in the height of the season, finding a room is easy.
The only disappointment for travellers using this guide, is that there are no accommodation in the Moorish parts of Granada, the Albaicín area.
The best options of middle-budget travellers is around the Plaza Nueva. This will place you right below the Alhambra, together with all the ambience. The hotels here are not luxurious, but comfortable for most, and with nice price tags.
If noise is a very important issue, you should clearly stay out of the central parts of Granada / This will give you more for your money in terms of comfort, but you will lose out on they joy of waking up right in the middle of history.


Granada is a very nice place to eat. The same situation as for hotels applies for restaurants. You have many too choose from, and you don't pay too much.
If you want not only to enjoy the food, but the ambience as well, the Mirador de Morayma in the Albaicín is a winner. Great food, and a view over the night-lit Alhambra. It doesn't get any better than that.
Apart from that, you can enjoy almost any food you could imagine in this part of the world. Couscous or vegetarian, paella or fried fish.
There is really just one warning, the restaurants inside the Alhambra area is not worth the bill, in case you can plan to eat elsewhere.

By Tore Kjeilen