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2. The Moorish quarters of Albaicín

3. Gardens of Generalife


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Gardens of Generalife

Garden of Generalife, Granada, Spain

Garden of Generalife, Granada, Spain

The inspiration for the Garden of Generalife is supposed to be nothing less than the Koranic description of Paradise. Running water and plenty of shaded areas together with fresh plants of all sorts; there was nothing that appealed more to the rulers of Granada, who never forgot their historic past of the hot desert.
All of the Generalife is delightful, and the views towards the Alhambra, the city of Granada and the mountains make this a place to walk slowly. A nice thing to do here, is to buy some food in one of Granada's delicacies and eat your lunch here.
The highlight of Generalife is the Patio of the Cypresses, a walled garden. Nearby lies the Walk of the Cascades, a staircase with water flowing down and with a Summer Palace at the base.

By Tore Kjeilen