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1. The Great Mosque

2. Exterior

3. The Courtyard

4. The Mihrab

5. The Columns


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The Great Mosque. The Courtyard

Cordoba, Spain

The minaret turned into a church tower.

The coutyard of the Great Mosque, now called Patio de los Naranjos, is the typical ablutions court of Islam. Fountains were used for cleansing before entering the mosque in prayer. But the actual fountains are not original, and dates back to Christian times.
One important factor to note with the mosque facade, is that the entire wall with its 19 naves used to be open towards the courtyard. This must have created a fabolous effect, allowing direct views into the forest of columns. Today, only one gate remains.

Cordoba, Spain

The Puerta de la Palma, the only remaing gate from the Courtyard into the mosque.

By Tore Kjeilen