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Hotels / Moderate 4

Hotels in this category cost generally between 300dh and 400dh for a single and 320dh to 420dh for a double.
In this category, rooms should be a bleak version of a luxury hotel. Nice rooms, good beds, private, nice baths and toilets is to be expected.
Many thee hotels offer extra service, of which swimming pool is generally most interesting. TVs in rooms, with satellite is common, but this being Morocco, the number of English language channels can be between few and none. Also, the tuning of the TV signals can be shockingly poor.
This is also the category where the cheapest traditional hotels, riads and converted kasbahs, can be had. This being a type of accommodation aiming at style and atmosphere, it can inovlve that certain amenities expected from a standard modern hotel is not found. Few such hotels, in this price range and even above, have swimming pools.

By Tore Kjeilen