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Toubkal Massif

Toubkal Massif

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The high villages

Lac d'Ifni
This lake lies on the "other" side of Toubkal mountain, and sees relatively few visitors. It is a grand sight to those who venture out here, being the only sizeable lake in the region. It doesn't have any proper settlement, only a few shepherds' huts. The lake itself is up to 50 metres deep, which is much to be in Morocco and at this altitude.


The tiny village of Tacheddirt lies at 2,300 metres, being the home of a mere few hundred people. It is about as simple as Morocco goes, but a well-maintained example of balance between humans and nature.
Tacheddirt has something as valuable as accommodation, a CAF refuge. There is also accommodation in the village of Ouaneskra, 2 km west.
Day treks out of Tacheddirt lead to Imlil or Aroumd in the west; to the south there are no accommodation available, while camping is quite possible at Azib Likemt or Assif Tifni after about 5 hours, near Tizi'n'Ououraine after about 9 hours or Amsouzert after about 13 hours. in the the south. The latter option involves only camping.

Sidi Chamarouch

Barely even a village, Sidi Chamarouch is a stop on many treks into the Toubkal. It is very nicely located, being next to a small waterfall. There is a shrine here, "Sidi" is an Arabic equivalent of "Sir" and denotes a holy or noble man, and Moroccans venture up here to visit it. In common disgusting Moroccan manner, the holy area is closed for non-Muslims beginning with the bridge across the river, even if the cult predates Islam. Should you find an opening to sneak across, seize the opportunity and feel no bad about it!
Thanks to both foreign trekkers and Moroccan pilgrims, Sidi Chamarouch has both a cafe and a shop. There are rooms to rent here, being extremely basic but reasonably priced. Camping is also possible.

Ouaneskra village is nothing new, but a pleasant place to stop in some beautiful scenery. There are two places to sleep here, in gites, as well as a nice little restaurant. Tacheddirt is 2 km further east.


Amsouzert is located about 3 hours walk from Lac d'Ifni and is the largest settlement on the southern side of Toubkal Mountain. The village has nice Berber architecture, and being placed in a bowl between the mountains, it is the perfect place to take in that isolated mountain village feeling.
Amsouzert has the Hotel Igroute and the very basic Gite Himmi Omar, as well as a campsite. The gite also functions as the village's only restaurant.

By Tore Kjeilen