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Toubkal Massif

Toubkal Massif

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On top of the world

Toubkal Massif, Morocco

Toubkal Massif, Morocco

The Toubkal Massif is the home of North Africa's highest mountain at 4167 metres. While there are several roads leading into the mountains, much of it is without roads, and a very popular trekking destination due to its wildness and scenic beauty.
The world that opens beyond the asphalted roads is a very different one. In few moments you step into a zone where time seems to have frozen one time in history. While most of Morocco embraces everything that the modern world has to offer, out here people live and dress the way that their ancestors did centuries ago. While lifestyles are simple, the first rule of understanding life here is that their shortcomings in terms of money is no indication of poverty. While the world outside shines and sparkles, and one day will eat up mountain cultures, people here live good lives and are largely satisfied.
The main trekking season is from July to September. The most popular season for ski touring is March and April.
The mountain villages are built with houses stacked on top of each other.
Trails around the mountains, the mule tracks, are in excellent condition.
Most entrances to the Toubkal are from the north. Best starting points are out of Imlil, Asni
There are several valleys here, that represent natural indicators for walks and other expeditions. Asni and Imlil lies in the Mizane Valley, Tacheddirt in the Imenane Valley, while Tizi Oussem and Ouirgane are in the Azzadene Valley.

Activities into the Toubkal massif involves mainly from trekking, ski-touring, mountain climbing and some mountain biking. Most do trekking, there are numerous options and it is feasible for most travellers. It can be arranged within a day actually, you could easily decide for it one afternoon in Marrakech and be off the following morning.
The other activities involves more planning of course, and concerning mountain biking, the most popular destination is Amizmiz, right west of the massif.

1. Toubkal
The main goal here, is the heart of it all, the highest mountain in North Africa. (It is called Djebel or Jebel Toubkal, but "jebel" is only Arabic for mountain).

2. Imlil to Aroumd
This is the shortest one, from the village of Imlil up the un-asphalted road to the picturesque village of Aroumd.

3. Asni to Imlil
This walk is done within half a day, or more if you allow detours. Both Asni and Imlil have good connections, as well as all necessary amenities.

3. Asni or Imlil to Tacheddirt
This is a very nice alternative or addition to the trek to Toubkal, leading to the pretty village of Tacheddirt.

4. Kik Plateau
Kik Plateau lies west of the road traversing the High Atlas, and consists of limestone formations. It is recommended for trekking in spring, with an abundance of flowers. Walking excursions into the region is usually between Asni and Ourigane, or Asni and Moulay Brahim. There is also a piste crossing the plateau, beginning at Asni, leading into the lake of Lalla Takerkoust.

By Tore Kjeilen