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1. Thursday Suuq

2. Blue source

3. The simple streets

4. The Saharan minaret

5. Cafe musician


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Tiznit hotels

Ait Maten (t. 048 601790) Good value for money
el Amal (t. 048 862462) Good value for money
Atlas (t. 048 862060) OK value for money
Belle Vue (t. 048 862109) Excellent value for money
CTM (t. 048 862211) Good value for money
Mauritania (t. 048 862072) OK value for money
du Soleil (t. 048 600289) Good value for money
des Touristes (t. 048 862018) Excellent value for money

de Paris (t. 048 862865) Good value for money

Tiznit Swimming pool (t. 048 862411) Good value for money

Idou Tiznit Swimming pool (t. 048 600333) Good value for money

Hotels and alternatives
Excellent on hotels, good value. Most hotels are quite basic, but there are some places of higher standards, too.

Restaurants and alternatives
Good on eating, but the majority of the offers are Moroccan fast food places, which is a good choice.

Change Money
Necessary banks for chaning money.

Good connections with both taxis and buses.

By Tore Kjeilen