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Fortress for families

Tissraouen, Morocco

Like the a strong sun beam has liftet the ground up, this village rests all of its safety on what nature and building skills has made possible. On a little hill top, you see this fortified circular village, some 20-30 metres in diameter. And as you walk over to it, you think that it is deserted, but upon entering, you will see people hiding, looking at you, and hiding again if you look at them.
If you don't make much sound while walking, children's laughter and mother's voices will pass through the high windows.
The village has winding, narrow roads, and despite the extremely small size, you soon lose direction. Obviously all houses here are inhabited, everything is well-kept and clean. And there is no electricity. And hardly much more than 50 people altogheter.
This place is almost not mentioned in tourist guides, but if you’re travelling on the northern route to or from Tafraoute, and can decide your own stops, stop here. But enter with respect.

Tissraouen, Morocco Tissraouen, Morocco

By Tore Kjeilen